Tuesday, August 28, 2012

241/365 Photo Project - Montreal Waterfront Panoramic

Montreal Waterfront Panoramic

Another sunny Montreal morning and another day of walking for what seems like miles through the various neighborhoods of this great city. Today's walk starts with a stroll around the waterfront where unfortunately these fountains did not provide much of a respite from the heat. At least it was a little less humid today. What happened to the fall like temperatures we were promised by the weather forcasters?

Here 3 separate shots taken with the Canon PowerShot SX230HS are combined in to a panoramic in post processing. I didn't see someone's kid run in the to frame during the last shot taken and I don't have the energy to remove him in post processing ;)


Markus said...

Seems like a really nice place to take pictures :)
I think the photo worked just fine with the kid :)

Andy said...

Thanks for your feedback, I guess the kid gives some perspective I suppose. I was more shocked that I didn't notice he was in the frame when taking the shot.

I am country down the days until I can return again, a great city for vacationing and relaxing!