Friday, August 17, 2012

230/365 Photo Project - Mystic River Valley Panorama

Mystic River Valley Panorama

If you have been paying really close attention to the images I post on here you may note that this scene is very similar to one i posted back in June. However I wanted to capture an example of a scene more suited to a photo stitch than the one I attempted in Boston earlier this week.

Still without the use of a tripod here but at least there was no fast moving traffic in the frame and the ripples on the water weren't moving fast enough to be too much of a problem either. I may have to take my kayak out on the Mystic River this weekend if the summer humidity gives me a break!

Taken with the LG Optimus Elite, 3 shots combined in post processing to form this panoramic, edges of the frame cleaned up and then the entire frame was tone adjusted for the harsh summer sun which had blown some of the highlights.

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