Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photography Project - Distance

Is that ship closer or further away from the camera than the Tea Party Museum? Em, It's closer and a lot smaller.

Distance - Boston Tea Party Ship

Taken with the LG Optimus Elitehandheld, color enhanced in post processing.

Photography Project - Alcohol

Boston in the summer, a great time to be working in the city when you can get all your work done and head out for a meal and beer after work in the North End of the city. Little Italy to those in the know has so many good little cafes and restaurants and when in Rome (well not quite) do as the Roman's did and have a Peroni (well if Beer had been around then they would have).

Alcohol - Little Italy 

Taken with the LG Optimus Elitehandheld, color enhanced in post processing.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photography Project - Traffic

The bad part about going to the beach in Massachussets (see previous post) is of course the traffic, and dealing with the I93 on the way home. #bostonproblems

Traffic - I93

I couldn't resist capturing the bad traffic on what I expected to be one of the worst commuting days in to Boston, the first day back to work after the holiday weekend that is Labor Day. Fortunately the commute wasn't that bad only taking 5 minutes longer than my average time of ~20 minutes.

Traffic - First day after Labor Day Weekend, I93

Taken with the LG Optimus Elitehandheld.

Cropped for aspect, no other post processing.

Photography Project - Clouds

A great summers day with a light cooling breeze from the ocean provided the first oppurtinuty I've had in a while to take a shot for my photography blog.

Clouds - Wollaston Beach

Taken with the LG Optimus Elitehandheld, these 3 shots where combined in post to one long panarama. This is Wollaston beach in Quincy.

Post processing to combine images and improve contrast.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photography Project - Into The Sun

This evening was just the perfect weather for biking, not too hot, not too humid and plenty of light to be seen by the Boston area automobile drivers who simply don't give a crap about cyclists. #staysafeoutthere

Into The Sun

Taken with the LG Optimus ElitehandheldNo post processing.

Another contender for this subject was the following shot taken from my back yard with the Canon PowerShot SX230HS handheld in landscape mode.

Into The Sun

I must like taking shots in to the sun, looking at my photos I've taken this year so far this one from April is another contender for this subject. Taken with the LG Optimus ElitehandheldNo post processing.

Statue of George Washington