Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge - Week2 - B is for Bulge

My second photo for the 2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge was a challenge. The topic 'Bulge' just didn't inspire anything in outdoor photography but I refused to be beaten and the natural light through our dining room window shining on some fruit provided some last minute inspiration.

Week2 - B is for Bulge

The tiny bumps, or bulges, on the fruit are the subject for this weeks image. Taken with Pentax K200d DSLR with Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens attached, fully extended with manual focus so that I could control which points of the frame were in and out of focus. Some contrast adjustments made during post processing.

Friday, January 9, 2015

100x: The 2015 Edition - 002 - 2015 On Ice

The second day of the young year and a walk through the Boston Common was my deliberate intention today to find the Ice Sculptures left over from New Year's Eve with the intention of completing the '2015' in number photo assignment from my Flickr group.

2015 on ice - 002 of 100.

I was lucky enough to capture this shot right before they demolished all of the sculptures, Copley Square had already been destroyed. I've added some background blur in post to try to hide the distracting tree branches that I couldn't blur out with my point&shoots limited options on the day.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

100x: The 2015 Edition - 001 - Waxing Gibbous Moon

The first day of the new year in the Boston area was a sunny and cold one but those clear blue skies overhead meant that the moon's Waxing Gibbous phase was clearly visible.

I immediately grabbed by P&S superzoom and took some shots but sadly they were very lacking detail and focus so I turned to my reliable Pentax K200d attaching my Sigma 70-300mm zoom and extending it fully to 300mm. Resting myself against a fence post the following was the result.

Moon over Boston - 001 of 100. 

Taken handheld resting against a fence post with my Pentax zoom lens fully extended to 300mm. Taken in the Boston suburbs at 4pm January 1st 2015, cropped in post. The original out of the camera image that I had taken before cropping unfortunately showed overhead cable and phone wires which were very distracting.

2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge - Week1 - A is for Another

My first photo for the first week of 2015 is for the 2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge - Week1 - A is for Another.

Week1 - A is for Another

Cropped, and white balance adjusted in post to highlight the helix shaped tungsten elements of the bulb in local restaurant window.

Original uncropped (unzoomed) photo

Taken with my point and shoot superzoom camera, the Samsung WB250F, white balance adjusted in post to 4200K.