Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photography Project - Industrial

New buildings are popping up every day in the South Bosto area. A good sign the economy is rebounding but not such a good sign if you need to park anywhere as the number of parking lots spaces gets increasingly rare in the area.

Industrial - Construction Site

Taken with the LG Optimus Elitehandheld, no post processing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photography Project - Ice

I start off my photography project for this year with the goal of capturing an image (or images) of Ice. This seemed like a good topic to start with because of the frigid temperatures in the Boston area this holiday season.

Icicles On Back Porch

Taken with the Pentax K200d with the Pentax DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens , shot with MF. No flash was fired. Post processing to remove dust spot and some color correction.

52 Weeks - A Photography Project Topics

Are you looking for inspirational ideas for your photos for this year? Well, here are the broad topics that I'm hoping to stick to for each week of my photography project for this year. I hope they give you some ideas for your own project, I'd love to see your own shots too if you wanted to follow along with me!  

Rules: I have set myself the goal of capturing one (or more) shots over the course of the week following that week's theme and posting them in a timely manner is very important of course ;)  I reserve the right to amend the topics if weather or circumstances prevent me from fulfilling the requirement of that week's topic, but I hope to stick to this closely as I possibly can!  

Note: I've decided to pick from this list any assignment I want over the course of the year and as many as I want in a given week or day but to end up at the end of the year having at least 1 photo matching each topic/assignment, wish me luck!
  • Assignment 1 Ice
  • Assignment 2 Glass
  • Assignment 3 Games
  • Assignment 4 Train Tracks
  • Assignment 5 Sports
  • Assignment 6 Into The Sun
  • Assignment 7 Animals
  • Assignment 8 Fire
  • Assignment 9 History
  • Assignment 10 Landscape
  • Assignment 11 Tilt-Shift
  • Assignment 12 Water
  • Assignment 13 Industrial
  • Assignment 14 Spring
  • Assignment 15 Rain
  • Assignment 16 Food
  • Assignment 17 HDR
  • Assignment 18 Night Shot
  • Assignment 19 Action
  • Assignment 20 Macro
  • Assignment 21 Traffic
  • Assignment 22 Flowers
  • Assignment 23 Shadows
  • Assignment 24 Moon
  • Assignment 25 Ultra-Wide Shots
  • Assignment 26 Crowds
  • Assignment 27 Black & White
  • Assignment 28 Signs
  • Assignment 29 Unreal
  • Assignment 30 Transport
  • Assignment 31 Infrared
  • Assignment 32 Panoramic
  • Assignment 33 Waves
  • Assignment 34 Patterns
  • Assignment 35 Age
  • Assignment 36 Clouds
  • Assignment 37 Vertical
  • Assignment 38 Books
  • Assignment 39 Type
  • Assignment 40 Vegatables
  • Assignment 41 Home Sweet Home
  • Assignment 42 Fall Colors
  • Assignment 43 Distance
  • Assignment 44 Speed
  • Assignment 45 Retro
  • Assignment 46 Fruit
  • Assignment 47 Art
  • Assignment 48 Alcohol
  • Assignment 49 Time
  • Assignment 50 Self
  • Assignment 51 Snow
  • Assignment 52 The Holiday Season

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

A new year, a new goal. Last year's a photo a day project fizzled out towards the end of the year, this year I'm going to attempt several projects, a photo a week project, a 'good' photo, not just a photo of something taken on my phone because I need a photo for that day.

Also as side projects to my photography interests I'm thinking of starting a 'French Word of the Day' blog to keep up my French studies and also over the Christmas holidays my brother-in-law inspired me to learn chess. I've always known the basic moves but never really studied the tactics or played for anything or than a few times in my life, so I may post the occasional chess related rant or article as I aim to improve my skills.

Note: Image above acquired on Google image search, it's not my own, I forget where. If it's yours and you want credit let me know and due credit will be given, thanks.