Tuesday, August 21, 2012

234/365 Photo Project - Cloud Catcher

Cloud Catcher

I took this shot with something very different in mind. Passing through Boston's downtown crossing area this pattern of mirrors hangs high overhead and as you walk closer to it the light reflects and catches your eye. Or at least it did mine, pausing for a second to compose the shot and positioning myself closer to the collection of shining objects (I have no ability to 'zoom' on my camera phone) I realized the clouds behind it looked like they were about to be caught in the net.

I think this was a difficult shot for my camera phone to expose correctly, we have the dark shadow of the building on the left, the building on the right in full sun and big fluffy clouds in the background. I'm sure this shot may have looked more impressive coming out of a DSLR but I think the Optimus Elite did a stand-up job.

Taken with the LG Optimus Elite, tone corrected in post processing.

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