Monday, March 5, 2012

Photoshop #4 - Fun With Photoshop Brushes

After messing around

Before and boring

Using one of my less interesting photographs taken this month I was determined to spruce it up a bit using the built in brushes in Photoshop, can you tell which ones? Flowing Stars of various sizes and intensity make for the rain effect here, Grass in the foreground and Scattered Leaves were added to the bear branches of the tree.

Filters that were applied were Solarize and Adjustments for B&W and for the final touch Levels were also adjusted slightly at the bottom end to give the sun in the background more of a pop. For my next Photoshop assignment I would like to learn how to create my own custom brushes. I think the 'grass' in the foreground was a little over the top here but hey I had fun.

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