Thursday, March 1, 2012

61/365 Photo Project - Data Loss

Data Loss

If you learn one thing from reading any of my posts on this blog I hope it's that you can never backup too often. My laptop hard drive died on me the other day and I have lost 6 months worth of photos. I am needless to say more than a little pissed at that. Being someone who is computer savvy I would normally backup to DVD, to external Hard Drive to web sites more regularly than I have been doing due to our recent house move, never let being too busy be an excuse, back up now before something happens to your important photos, files, financial records or and passwords too!

So today's photo is of my old hard drive as I continue in vane it seems to recover the files on it, no luck yet using it as a second drive, trying GetDataBack and HDD Regenerator apps on it, although both programs are pay to use they do allow you to look at your HD first to see if there is anything they can recover and believe me I would gladly pay the 50 bucks to get those pictures back. Fortunately, at least anything I have posted to this blog is saved (although in a lower resolution) automatically by Blogger, so there is at least that.

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX230HS in handheld night-scene mode with no post processing.

UPDATE 3/2: Thanks to some great recovery software I have managed to recover all of my photos that I thought lost, technology is a wonderful thing if you have the right tools, and yes I have backed them all up now, crisis averted. I have not been a fun individual to be around while I thought everything was lost but now life can return to normal once more.


Steve and Jen said...

That sucks. You gotta sign up with Carbonite. I have been using it for a couple years now, just the peace of mind it gives me is worth the 5 bucks a month. Good luck getting your stuff back.

Andy Mc said...

Sad thing is i had some backup space online with Norton but never set it up to backup images, my passwords were saved and apps can be installed but those photos are gone for good unless I wanna may $$$$ to some company to get them back, had no luck with the recovery software i tried, oh well, live and learn, grrrr