Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11/365 Photo Project - The Moon, Medford MA

The Moon, Medford MA at 7.19am Jan 11th 2012

This photo of the moon taken this morning during my commute to work. I have to reiterate what I have said in previous posts that although this was taken from my car at the time it was taken I was at a traffic light (a very long traffic light on rt16, if you are familiar with the area you know the one!) and the car at a complete stop. No steering with my knees here!

So, disclaimer out the way I am finding that taking my camera with me everywhere certainly does lend itself well to finding opportune moments to capture a point in time that might otherwise have been missed (at least by me because my phone cam would not have been able to capture this result).

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX230HS at 7.19am in Landscape mode to maximize the area in-focus. I'm not sure how far the moon is off in the distance but I'd say the camera did a pretty good job in low light, hand held and without much time to focus before I headed off on the remainder of my commute.

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