Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photography Project - Water Refractions

Well it seems to have been an eternity since I had any time or motivation to post anything to my very neglected photo blog but here I am. So my plan going forward for the rest of the year is to pick from the subjects I chose in January in any order, no pressure, no timeline, just hopefully some fun and good photography is the end result.

Water Refractions

Water Droplet

Being inspired by water droplet photography I had seen on pinterest earlier this year I tried to mimic the setup with my the Pentax K200d and my  attached to a tripod with manual release cable, off camera lighting from the Newer LED light.  A pre-focused the Macro lens manually aiming at the top of the water line in the glass and attempted to drop water on to it from a water dropper while shooting off over 120 shots all together. Unfortunately none of the actual water droplets were in focus when making their big splash or I had missed precise millisecond and the clear crown of a water splash I was hoping for was just not there. 

The first image above was shot a board game in the background and it was actually the first shot of the shoot and came out the most satisfactory of the bunch I think. The second shot was one of the last after giving up with some frustration that I just couldnt get anything in focus. Post processing to remove dust spot and some color corrections to both frames.

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