Saturday, March 30, 2013

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS - Good Super Zoom Camera?

Although the Canon PowerShot SX 230HS  has been out for few months I still see from my Google stats that a lot of people are wanting to know how good the zoom on this little P&S really is. Well I had the opportunity in downtown Boston the other day to try and hopefully answer that.

Zoom - Custom House

While passing by the Marriott Custom House Hotel I thought a wide angle shot of this towering building would best capture the vastness of it's height with the overcast skies behind adding some interest. However, having the option to zoom in on the face of the buildings clock using the x14 zoom of the SX 230HS was a option that I can also very much appreciate. Of course I'm sure any DSLR with a half decent zoom lens would have this shot beaten hands down with less noise but as most photographers can appreciate I don't like lugging a large DSLR body and 300mm lens everywhere I go.

So in conclusion, I think there will always be a place for superzooms, the range they cover for the amount of room they take in your pocket cannot be beat and the major camera manufactures seem to agree with new models coming out every month that push the zooming to x30 and beyond now which makes me have zoom envy a little with only x14 but as shown above I'm finding this ample for my everyday photo needs when out and about.

The attached photos were taken within seconds of each other, hand held while standing on the uneven Boston pavements on a March 2013 afternoon.

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