Monday, March 25, 2013

Photography Project - Spring

It is definitely not very Spring like outside, but with my new (used) lens arriving in the mail today I couldn't resist posting another topic from my list of 52 projects for the year.

The Pentax SMCP-M 50mm f2 is my first foray in to a full manual lens, manual Aperture ring setting and manual focusing. I'm no stranger to MF but having to actual the aperture manually is new to me and my K200d too, at first it refused to accept the lens until a setting deep in the Camera's menu to allow the mounting of none 'A' setting lens allowed me to continue.

The attached image is from my first batch of 'playing' with the lens in Aperture priority mode, the first thing I noticed was the center spot metering (not full frame) and the lack of a camera's ability to adjust for flash firing were the most surprising. So for now I'm going to be avoiding the flash and trying the Sensitivity priority mode to keep the ISO down, the camera was insisting and setting ISO to 1600 which made for some very noisy images. 

Spring - Daffodils

I am going to have a lot of experimenting to do with this lens but feel that it's Bokeh should make for some fun portraits and macro shots in the weeks and months to come.

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