Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to get 30 second Skip ahead on Comcast/Xfinity DVR

Ok, so I've tried to keep an open mind about having to go back to Comcast cable now that I've moved to a location that doesn't have FiOS but Comcast isn't making it easy.

One of the most obvious things you will notice about Comcast sucking compared to FiOS is the inability to watch items you have recorded on your living room DVR on the bedroom cable box. This is something FiOS has offered for many years now and yet Comcast are still way behind. There's little that can be done about this except complaining to Comcast in the vain hope that they give a crap about their customers, but at least their on demand content now apparently allows you to continue watching something on your second TV that you started on the first, whoop-pee doo.

A second and more common feature that I found was a disgrace to be missing was the inability to skip ahead 30 seconds. Not sure if you have the 'Tivo' DVR from Comcast if you get this but that wasn't an option from Comcast in my area and I beleive they are fazing out this feature anyhoot. Thankfully Google to the rescue a quick search brought up the following WikiBooks site, a snippet of which is included below, be sure to read the full article to understand the ramifications of following these steps!
  1. Press the "Cable" button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
  2. Press and hold the "Setup" button until the "Cable" button blinks twice.
  3. Type in the code 994. The "Cable" button will blink twice.
  4. Press (do not hold) the "Setup" button.
  5. Type in the code 00173.
  6. Press whatever button you want to map the 30-second skip command to. The "Cable" button will blink twice if successful.
I feel like I have a little bit of my life back being able to skip commercials again ;) This code has the added benefit of working with on-demand content too where the FF button has been disabled, that is most welcome!

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