Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tiny Worlds

The next logical progression from panaromics, of which I seem obsessed, was to create the 'globe effect' of a tiny world from such paranomas in post processing. Thanks to such great mobile phone apps as Globe Photo (from kexxu) it's so simple to create these little tiny worlds

Flags, Boston Common - Memorial Day, May 2015

Mystic River Reservation - June 2014

Charles River - June 2014

Montreal Beach, August 2014

Montreal, August 2014

Old Port Montreal, August 2014

Place d'Armes Montreal, August 2014

Boston at night, August 2014

Lynn Beach, August 2014

Nahant Beach, August 2014

Boston Skyline, September 2014

Medford Community Day, September 2014

Charles River, October 2014

Kings Beach, October 2014

Castle Island, November 2014

Sunset, Medford, November 2014

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