Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FiOS Quantum - How fast is too fast?

So today I decided to look up how much more $$$ FiOS Quantum would cost me on top of my current FiOS subscription, and I'm being left asking the question 'how much speed is enough?'

Having had FiOS at 35 Mbps/ 35 Mbps for the passed several years (give or take a brief affair with Comcast while living in a Cambridge rental at the beginning of the year) I have not, yet, come across a situation where I've thought to myself 'if only my internet speed was 2, or even 3 times faster' my life would be more complete. Are there times when downloading from file sharing sites (legal ones) could have been a little faster? Sure, but has Netflix, Pandora, or any number of the online European radio or TV stations I stream ever had any issues, even when done simultaneously on multiple connection devices? very rarely.

So I am left asking myself the question, 'how much speed do I really need?' After some clicking through the FiOS Quantum presentation and being guided to the 'My Verizon Upgrade Center' and ignoring the attempts to offer me 6 months of half price HBO I finally get to the nitty gritty. In my town I am being offered for a measly extra 20 bucks a month on top of my current Triple Play plan I can have 75 Mbps/ 35 Mbps . So no improvement in upload speed but more than double the download speed. Hmmm, the geek in me with the 'addictive personality' demands I upgrade, but my common sense (and my wallet) say otherwise. What do you think? Are you going to be one of the first to subscribe to FiOS Quantum?

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