Friday, April 1, 2011

Montreal, Boston and Maine Panoramic Photos plus new 'Viewer'

Continuing the theme of panoramic photos I thought I'd share my first attempt at a 'Flash Viewer' (You'll need Flash Player 10 to view these) for scrolling the large panoramic photos I've been making to them show off, So enjoy!

I welcome comments on improving the viewer, I'd like to add mouse moving/dragging and also turning 360 degrees once i have the right set of photos to try out.

First up is a daytime panoramic photo of Old Montreal and the harbor which was taken last summer (August '10).

Second up is a nighttime panoramic photo of the view from our hotel room in Montreal, also taken last summer. This one is a very bad photo, the individual photos taken were exceptionally noisy even before stitching and post processing.

These next 2 were taken at the Maine Country Fair last October and ideally would be one large panoramic but I didn't do a very good job of taking this series of shots. So here they stay as 2 separate shots and unfortunately it's still pretty obvious where the 'joins' are in this series which I am not very satisfied with.

This next set is all of views of Boston taken from the Prudential Building visitor center when my family were visiting October '10, it was a great clear start of fall day and the only disappointment I have with these with the South facing shot with the sun glaring you can see the reflection of my crappy Nikon L11 Coolpix cam in the glass, but other than that I think you will agree that these came out rather nicely and work well in my new 'Flash' viewer, which still has some bugs to iron out when calculating the 'rectangle' being viewed of the whole photo.

Remember to click on the images to be able to pan and scan through them. More panoramic photography to follow when I get a chance to post them.

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