Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mass. Ave. Panoramic Photo Stitch of 25 frames shot in burst mode (Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS)

One of the unique features of the Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS camera is the ability to shoot off a bunch of reduced resolution images in a fast burst mode. I wanted to try this out earlier today while walking by the Capitol Theater on Mass Ave in Arlington MA, the results can be seen below of a panaromic stitch of many fast burst mode shots stitched together.

The first thing to note when you put the camera in to burst mode it is going to capture images at 8.8 FPS according to Canon but to accomplish that the Camera drops from the maximum 10 Megapixel shooting capability down to a meager 2.5 Megapixels. This is something you should be aware of if considering purchasing this camera and at first I thought it would be a restriction that would make the option much less appealing to the masses. However, after experimenting some more with this mode and utilizing it to make a 'quick sweep' panoramic I can certainly see it's benefits when all of the frames have been 'stitched' together via software to create a large 180 degree panoramic.

Note: There are several models of P&S Camera on the market that have an in-camera 'Panoramic Sweep' option that will stitch the frames together for you without the need for external software, the Canon SD4500 is not one of those camera's and I can't speak to the success of such in-camera features myself but if you can please feel free to comment and share your feedback.

In my experiment I swept the Canon SD4500 from left to right while holding the shutter release button down until doing through approx. 180 degrees after which I had 25 separate frames each of 1824x1368 pixels as shown above.

Combining these separate frames in my fave photo stiching software resulted in 1 image of 8035x1318 resolution after a little cropping, a much smaller size than I'm used to one taking multiple 10 megapixel images and stitching them together but I think you'll agree that the result is very pleasing , especially for an almost midday Spring sun blazing overhead.

Check out my Flickr 'Panoramic' Slide show, which includes the panoramic stitch from my earlier blog posting too and I'm sure to be adding to this gallery because the SD4500 makes taking such photos a breeze!!

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