Sunday, February 15, 2009

Infrared Photography

Well it's been a while since posting anything photography related on my blogs (it's been a long cold winter ok!) but this week with the arrival of my new Hoya Infrared filter (R72 52mm for those interested) I have been inspired back in to taking photos in the great outdoors of Massachusetts. Well so far only the great outdoors of the town of Maynard, once it warms up a little more I will venture out further again.

Check out my flickr infrared gallery for my pics taken with the Filter on my Pentax *ist DL DSLR. Taken with manual focus pretty much set to infinity, ISO 200 and auto white balance, I believe I should play with the white balance to get even better shots and for sure use a Tripod, all pics in this slide show are hand held and as you may know the DL has no image stabilization. A good excuse to consider a upgrade to K10D or K200D perhaps?

Next I will try landscapes with a tripod, converting to B&W definitely gives these images an eerie feel.

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Andy Mc said...

Note that since this original posting I have indeed upgraded to a K200d but alas this has better infrared light blocking built in between the camera's sensor and any lens attached to the body. This is good for normal photography but a killer for using an infrared lens as described in this article.